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Hi, friends. Emily here. I have some news. It’s not the news that will make you jump up and down and it’s certainly not the news I like delivering. But sometimes life makes decisions for you.


The Garage Arcade has been one of my favorite ventures in the past 9 years that I’ve been a business owner. The idea came about because I wanted to provide a place for families and friends to hang out that was affordable and fun. Not to mention I’ve loved playing video games ever since I first got my hands on Battlezone for the Apple II computer. I mean, I have a Nintendo remote tattooed on me so it’s safe to say I love video games and all that comes with them. But sometimes ideas fall short and when the idea is in the form of a brick and mortar business, falling short means the business can not continue operating. Much like an arcade game the business goes Out of Order.

I wanted to make this announcement about it being “out of order” instead of saying “game over” because I truly believe an arcade could flourish in this community. Just not one that relies on me running it. So if you’ve ever dreamt of owning and running an arcade - please chase that dream. Maybe someone can bring it back in working order. And I promise I’ll be one of the first customers in your door.

Thank you for playing with us these past 5 years. I hope the memories you made last a lifetime. I know mine will.

- Emily, owner of The Garage Arcade

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