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Closed down June 2, 2023
Please share your memories below!

About The Garage Arcade

The Garage Arcade was a retro arcade in Russellville Downtown. Made up of a collection of old-school games you remember from yesteryear to ones you'd never heard of.


We had a great run from 2018 in our West C Street location in Downtown Russellville, when we were an arcade-coffee shop combo, until 2023 in our new and updated space. We survived the pandemic but sometimes businesses remain affected long after such an event happens. We shut our doors on June 2nd after our 2nd Art Walk of the year. So many memories were made and high scores beat - but we weren't able to pull off keeping the doors open. 

But if there's one thing I know - it's that this community loved the arcade. And maybe one day it will "respawn" even bigger and better. Maybe. 


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