Our Roasting Philosophy

We are picky when it comes to selecting our base green beans. We only purchase fair trade, organic (FTO) Arabica beans from selective countries around the globe: mainly from the Americas & Indonesia. FTO means that it has been grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals and purchased through a coffee trader that has agreed to pay a fair price for the coffee, which covers the costs of sustainable production and living to the farmers.

All of our beans are small-batch roasted in our retro drum style roaster and hand turned/cooled.

Our Medium Roast

Our signature in house batch brew that can be requested as a subscription or purchased in 8oz or 16oz bags.

Roast profile: City
Origin: Guatemala Huehuetenango FTO
Process: Washed
Cupping notes: Lemon, lime, slightly nutty.

Our Espresso Blend

This is carefully crafted blend of two of our favorite origins. It can be requested as a subscription or purchased in 8oz or 16oz bags.

Roast profile: Full City+

Origin: Two bean blend of our favorite FTO beans from South America and Indonesia.

Cupping notes: Floral, toffee, chocolate.

Our Darkest Roast

Our specialty darkest roast can be requested as a subscription or Aeropressed in house.

Roast profile: Full French
Origin: Sumatran Mandheling FTO
Process: Wet hulled
Cupping notes: Smokey and chocolate-like

Our Decaf

After sampling many decaf varieties, this FTO Mexico from the Pueblas region was our overall favorite. With the gentle processing method, you’ll swear it doesn’t taste a bit different from it’s caffeinated versions.

Roast profile: City+
Origin: Mexico Puebla FTO
Process: Mountain water

Cupping notes: Honey and vanilla-like